Gear Set Guide


Gear Sets in Lost Ark become available starting with Abyssal Dungeons and Abyss Raids. On successful completion, these reward you materials that can be used to craft the set of your choice. Let's go over how to find them and which sets to craft down below.

First Steps

1. Unlock Abyssal Dungeons & Abyss Raids

  • Gaining access to Abyssal Dungeons is done by completing the Main Story Quest line of that particular continent.
  • Gaining access to Abyss Raids is done by reaching item level 1370 and completing the quest "[Guide] Abyss Raid Unlocked!". This can be done in your quest journal(J) under guide.

2. Reach the required Item Level

Each content requires you to be a certain item level before you're eligible for entry

Abyssal Dungeon:

Abyssal DungeonItem Level RequirementItem Tier
North Vern3401
Punika1325, 1340, 1370(Hard Mode)3

Abyss Raid:

Abyss RaidItem Level RequirementItem Tier
Argos1370 Phase 13
Argos1385 Phase 23
Argos1400 Phase 33

Legion Raid:

Legion RaidItem Level RequirementItem Tier
Valtan1415 (Normal Mode)3
Valtan1445 (Hard Mode)3

3. Complete the Dungeons

By completing these dungeons, you obtain materials unique to each Tier. These are required to craft the set pieces of your choice.

4. Craft your set

Abyss Equipment Crafting NPC

The NPC for crafting gear sets can be found in any major city, shown as a sword symbol with a green background on the map. Depending on the gear tier you're crafting, you might have to be in the corresponding continent to do so. Choose a set based on if you're a Damage Dealer or Support and create it here.

Available Sets

Despite the early game sets being very similar in nature, your set choice still impacts your performance depending on if you are Damage Dealer or Support Character. The following are the available gear sets for Tier 1, 2 and 3.

Click on the dropdown to select the gear sets depending on your progression.

Choose Your Tier

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 3 Argos Sets

Tier 3 Legion Raid Legendary Sets

Tier 3 Legion Raid Relic Sets

Seraphic Oath

Seraphic Oath Hat
Seraphic Oath Pauldrons
Seraphic Oath Chestpiece
Seraphic Oath Pants
Seraphic Oath Gloves
Seraphic Oath Bow

All Characters

All characters benefit greatly from the Seraphic Oath Set before transitioning to either the Boisterous Elemental Set or Enraged Nature Set.

Boisterous Elemental

Boisterous Elemental Hat
Boisterous Elemental Pauldrons
Boisterous Elemental Chestpiece
Boisterous Elemental Pants
Boisterous Elemental Gloves
Boisterous Elemental Bow

Damage Dealer

Damage Dealers should transition into the Boisterous Elemental Set once you're eligible for the Abyssal Dungeons in Rohendel. Damage and Attack Speed is what you're looking for here.

Enraged Nature

Enraged Nature Hat
Enraged Nature Pauldrons
Enraged Nature Chestpiece
Enraged Nature Pants
Enraged Nature Gloves
Enraged Nature Bow


Support players should transition into the Enraged Nature Set once you're eligible for the Abyssal Dungeons in Rohendel. Choose this set because the % Attack Power scaling benefits certain supportive abilities, while the raw damage increase from Boisterous Elemental Set does not.

Life Skill, Collectible Farming

If gathering Collectibles, visiting Islands and doing non-combat related things is important to you, consider using multiple set combinations granting you Movement and Attack speed.

Additionally, collect a full set of accessories focused purely on Swfitness to maximize your movement speed even further. Use Spirit Absorption if available to you for even more speed.


  • Reach the required item level required to enter Abyssal Dungeons and Abyss Raids.
  • Complete them to obtain materials used for crafting gear sets.
  • Visit the Abyss Equipment NPC, found in any major city, to craft the set of your choice.
  • Use Swiftness together with Movement and Attack speed oriented sets for Life Skill and Collectible farming.
  • Wondering which set is the correct choice for your build? The answer can be found in our Build Guides.


Written by Choilicious
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May 19th 2022
Article updated for Legion Raid: Valtan Added Legion Raid Sets

Mar 10th 2022
Article updated for Abyss Raid: Argos Added Abyss Raid: Argos