Important Una's Tasks

April 22nd Note: Added 3 South Vern Una's Tasks


Una's Tasks are daily quests which you can up to 4x a day per character. Normally, you're only allowed to do 3x Una's Tasks per character, but by buying Una's Tasks [Daily] +1 off Mari's Shop in F4 you increase the limit by 1. Most people treat Una's Tasks as a source of Leap Stones and Shards. Una's Tasks offer so much more rewards than that, though. After completing a certain amount of Una's Tasks, you can receive rewards like Pirate Coins, Island Tokens, Masterpieces, Omnium Stars and other collectibles. This guide will focus on the most important Una's Tasks that you should make sure you do every day on your main and your alts!

Una's Tasks Reputation Rewards

All reputation rewards include either Silver or Pirate Coins. I will not be including the amount of Silver as part of the reputation rewards or any other miscellaneous items.

Change me

1. Skill Point Potions

2. Giant Hearts

3. Omnium Star

4. Leap Stones + Pirate Coins

5. Island Token

6. Silver + Island Token

7. Pirate Coin + Island Token

8. Pirate Coins + Masterpieces

9. Masterpieces

10. Adventure Tome Cooking Ingredients

11. Virtue Stats

12. Stronghold Merchant Upgrades

Repairing the Seal Site - Rohendel
The Rebuilding of Xeneela - Rohendel (Tier 4 Una's Task)

You must complete this Una's Task 7x in addition to other prerequisites for Rohendel's Skill Point Potion quest to appear. For more details, please click this link. This Una's Task also provides a stronghold merchant upgrade in addition to one of Rohendel's cooking ingredients.

Tier 1 - 10/10
Tier 2 - 20/20

Tier 3 - 40/40
Mana-Infused Soup
Tier 4 - 80/80

Tier 5 - 150/150
Elzowin's Blessed Letter
Tier 6 - 150/150
Domination Potion

Whispering Minuet - Whispering Islet (Complete the questThe New Us on the island)
Whispering Resonance - Whispering Islet (Tier 2 Una's Task)
Whispering Harmony - Whispering Islet (Tier 3 Una's Task)

Requires the questThe New Us on the island completed before you can take this Una's Task. You must also have completed Yorn's main story quest as well.

Tier 1 - 20/20

Tier 2 - 30/30
Vitality Increase Potion

Tier 3 - 50/50
Skill Point Potion

South Vern Misc Una's Task

From the North to the South | From the South to the North | The Story Flowing in the Luganic River

Rewards 3x Legendary - Rare Card Pack after 6 days
Rewards 3x Legendary - Epic Card Pack after 15 days

Feel the Fresh Magick! - Unlocks Secret Map after 15 completed days

The prerequisite for the Legendary - Epic Card Pack Una's Tasks is the quest Ealyn's Summon shown in the 1st image. It is the 1st quest in the quest line for Another Story #2. The prerequisite for the Secret Map is the 2nd quest in the quest line, Investigate Candaria's Holy Statue shown in image 2. Each quest in the quest line appears after daily reset.


  • Complete the above Una's Tasks for valuable reputation rewards.
  • You will receive reputation rewards for a certain amount of completion.
  • You can complete multiple Una's Tasks on different alts.


Written by Yaen